Ms JJ Diamond

Jacqueline Y Richardson

Jacqueline Doughty Richardson better known as Jackie , Dejah and Ms JJ Diamond  was born July 17 1970. Ms JJ Diamond ( Jacqueline ) was born in Harlem but grew up in the Bronx .She started singing in Church at age 5. In her College days she made her first big debut at Touro College. She then moved to Buffalo and made a big debut for the city which bought the Mayor of Buffalo out to join her. Jacqueline has been a community activist since 1995 , Jacqueline has now founded her own organization (Private Friend Inc.). Jacqueline then moved on with her life to raise her children and  focus on her career at Frito Lay in Maryland... She then return to the Entertainment Industry when she join an organization NAPW  (National Association for Professional Woman ) She then joined them  on a project  in a book called Wounded Survive Thrive ( WST) with writers in action and writing her first short story...She then went on to writing her own Book That Boxer. Jacqueline ( Ms JJ Diamond )  continued her rap career and became a producer after she join business with her son Nej Heightz in a publishing company Ms JJ Entertainment which is ran out of Charlotte NC...Ms JJ Diamond started out with the help of G-Unit then moved on to make some pop songs..She also got help from other artist in the music business. Ms JJ Diamond now owns her own publishing company with her son Nej Heightz Ms JJ Entertainment..and making new music. She's also looking for more artist to join Ms JJ Entertainment 


Number One Spot



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