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Ms JJ Diamond That Boxer

That Boxer written by Jacqueline Richardson


A career woman met a Boxer, which she fell in love with and wanted to be his wife. He wanted her to leave her life to move near him. He tried to use her brother as bait to get his way with her. She had a family and a very good Job that she was contemplating leaving just to get the love of this man. She then decided to just be his friend because he was being selfish to his way. He then became angry with her because he could not be patient and when she needed him he did not show her enough love to keep her. 

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Ms JJ Diamond

Ms Jj Diamond

      Jacqueline  (Ms. JJ)

MS JJ. Jacqueline Doughty Richardson is from the upper west side of Harlem, New York City. She then moved to the Bronx at age 12.  She began singing and dancing at the age 5 . Jacqueline became a recorded artist  in the year of 1995′  when she join a rap group and began her very first big performance and Hosted at Touro college . Later in the years Jacqueline  took on employment with the organization PepsiCo. in the year 2006′. Jacqueline had achieved the awards for exceeding productivity goal’s  and including a 5 year of service award. She started a cleaning services called Shine Like Diamonds and bought a Independent Snyder route called Egypt Snacks , more down the line Jacqueline  join the (NAPW) National Association of professional Women where she met Millie McGhee Morris and they began to work together. Jacqueline  became an author  in Mille’s book with 101 women who had been wounded called   “Wounded Survive Thrive” and was granted with a service award of ‘WST’. In the beginning of 2013′ Jacqueline started a non-profit organization called , ‘Private Friend Inc. ‘which is for teaching the mind’s of the youth Discipline , Love , Respect , Religion , and choice’s and also paying it forward. Jacqueline would like to open up Dream Centers for children stars and make studio and classes available to teach them. Jaqueline continued rising and began her next move by acting in her first film in 2013 “Love Like This” to get her big break . Jacqueline is also a model and a mother of 3 . Jacqueline also wants to creating a reality. T.V  show called “Hustling Mothers” and Cooking Show Ms JJ Diamond has over 22 record songs thats been published 3 albums and singles "Mother Nature Mix tape" Just a Taste mix tape"  "Msjjdiamond Power" a few commercial ads. Such as Daisy Dream , Sobe , Trip Advisor , Ciroc , Mayveen Hair . 

Egypt Carter

Egypt Carter is 8 years old she has 1 Ep Egypt Carter on Google Play Store also she's an actress her first acting job was in an Independent film called love like This. She also has her own youtube channel Egypt's toy Power She's a member of nonprofit organization Private Friend Inc. She an assistant and an volunteers to run the nonprofit 

Lor Jy aka Almighty Jy

Lor Jy

Jyaire Doughty started his career at age 12 with a small part in an Independent film Love like this. He also has 2 singles. One can be found on Ms JJ Diamond Mother Nature mixtape

Nej Heightz

Nej Heightz

Dajour Harris aka (Neji) Nej Heightz co owner of Private Friend Inc. / Ms JJ Entertainment from Bronx NY Nej Heightz played an extra in Love Like This. Nej Heightz has 1 album Send me a Blessing and several singles he has songs on Ms JJ Entertainment  Just a taste , Mother Nature mixtape by Ms JJ Diamond. Nej Heightz has a song with Ms JJ Diamond Stop Talking , 50cent I'm over it and the reproduction of Shining - DJ Kaled , Msjjdiamond ,Beyonce and Jay Z. Nej Heightz is in the progress of getting his Clothing Line DHAT in stores. 

Nej Heightz

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China Doll

China Doll

Shaquanna Merritt aka China Doll went to professional acting and modeling  school at age 5 in NYC. China Doll was born in Harlem and grew up in the Bronx and Buffalo NY. China Doll had an unfortunate turn in life now she's back to game of modeling and acting. China Doll is also Ms JJ Diamond Brand Ambassador 

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Cadillac-Ms JJ Diamond

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