About Nej Heightz

Nej Heightz 

Dajour  Harris aka (Neji) Nej Heightz co owner of Private Friend Inc. / Ms JJ  Entertainment from Bronx NY Nej Heightz played an extra in Love Like  This. Nej Heightz has 1 album Send me a Blessing and several singles he  has songs on Ms JJ Entertainment  Just a taste , Mother Nature mixtape  by Ms JJ Diamond. Nej Heightz has a song with Ms JJ Diamond Stop Talking  , 50cent I'm over it and the reproduction of Shining - DJ Kaled ,  Msjjdiamond ,Beyonce and Jay Z. Nej Heightz is in the progress of  getting his Clothing Line DHAT in stores.  


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More Than The Music


Video made East Charlotte NC

Send Me A Blessing

Send Me A Blessing